Welcome :) [WIP]

Thanks for checking in!

most of the finished pages should work on both desktop and mobile, but desktop has extra stuff
(like SCM, implementation of which I'm still figuring out)

Veronica; 21+ student (Oct. 28)

➤ cis; she\her (alternate she\they if friends)
➤ bilingual - ENG\RUS ok!
➤ physically disabled; neurodivergent
➤ played Xenoblade 2 and it was incredible (weirdos get blocked)
➤ friend requests on Discord are disabled ATM, but I do have one
➤ no DNI \ BYF, we block\unfollow like men
➤ I do not consistently tag FF14 or KH. sorry

Current WIP pages \ ideas

➤ Zero 💿 \ Katana ZERO shrine/vent page
Zero 💮 shrine :)
Brandish games (what are they; why you should play them and this is non-negotiable; how to get started; official art\music appreciation; etc. Meant to be a replacement to that post I link all the time.)

What I want to add in general

➤ general optimization (namely figuring out style.css and containers + flexbox.)
HTML5 templates
further customization for SCM music player
➤ userboxes (that link 404s at the moment. check it out!)
➤ more images in general (different headers? stamps? blinkies? buttons?)
➤ shrines for other special interests \ comet cores (everything bolded and pink on the interests page)
➤ a backup\better formatted copy of my yearly game lists
➤ some sort of message box