How I rate games on Backloggd

  • 5✮ | 10/10
    Either it's insanely hard to find any flaws (Chrono Trigger, Pyre), the flaws are something I enjoy and/or find easy to ignore (Sky 3rd, Brandish 1\3, Ghost Trick, Xenoblade 2), or the game had a huge role in shaping who I am as a gamer/person and that means automatic 10/10 (Minish Cap, Smash 4, Katana ZERO). A 10 rewires your brain chemistry.

  • 4,5✮ | 9/10
    Similar to 10/10 in that it is greatly enjoyed by most players, including me, but has not left as lasting of an impact\impression, or has flaws that are hard to ignore. Consider this rating a plea to play the game anyway - it will be exceptionally good.

  • 4✮ | 8/10
    Good game, but with glaring flaws one must push through to appreciate (and/or not for everyone). If it sounds like your thing, you should trust your gut and play.

  • 3,5✮ | 7/10
    Not entirely to my tastes, but I respect what it tried to do and see it has merit for players with different preferences, and/or something that doesn't deserve a higher rating solely due to small size.
    Brandish 4 is exempt from this - got 7/10 by virtue of being a worse Brandish. I am allowed to have bias!

  • 3✮ | 6/10
    Either mostly unremarkable, something good that suffers because of bad gameplay, or something I struggle to enjoy in general.

  • 2,5✮ | 5/10
    Now crossing the Bad threshold...
    5/10 is 'I did not particularly like this, but I have to respect the high opinion it gets from the general populace' or 'better than a similar game rated 2✮, but only slightly' or 'this isn't any good, but for a while I was fooled into thinking it is'

  • 2✮ | 4/10
    There is something enjoyable about this, but only one of the following: gameplay/music/graphics. Overall, mediocre at best.

  • 1,5✮ | 3/10
    The 'you tried' rating. Probably would get lower if it wasn't for the series the game is connected to being decent.

  • 1✮ | 2/10
    I can see the appeal, but cannot relate to it at all, and did not enjoy playing in the slightest.

  • 0,5✮ | 1/10
    This is given out of spite. This game made me pissed beyond belief for multiple reasons and I am upset at having spent any significant time with it at all.